Submission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in submitting a piece to the Alliance in Action blog. We consider all applications and may not choose all submissions for a variety of reasons. We may hold some submissions for publication later in the year or be back in touch for needed revisions. We will be seeking bloggers throughout the year on a variety of topics. If you know of someone who is interested in submitting, please have them visit our blog for submission requirements.

Writer application standards:

a. Please send your blog submission to

b. Please provide your legal name and contact information (if you would like to use a pseudonym for publication, please indicate which pseudonym you would like to use).

c. We will edit for grammar, space, clarity of content, and image submission.

d. Please provide your mailing address so we may mail your payment if we select your submission for publication (please allow 30 days after publication to receive your check).

Writing Standards:

a. The format of the article must fall within our guidelines:

i. Writer must use standard American English grammar.

ii. Articles must be between 250 – 500 words.

iii. Writers are encouraged to include 3-4 images relevant to the subject matter that is owned by the author or is open source.

b. Submissions must arrive by the first of each month for publication the following month or later. example: submissions by December 1, will be considered for publication in January or beyond.

c. Any research or quotes included in the article must have the source listed, see examples below.

i. Crediting news stories: “Today we learned via the New York Times Twitter that new legislation on gun ownership by perpetrators of violence is being considered in the Virginia General Assembly.”

ii. Crediting data: “VDH predicts there will be a decreased in dating violence following effective prevention education practices integrated into schools.” – add in a link to the data report itself so readers can look it up and learn more.

iii. Crediting an author: By 2020 we can create global community change, as Kim Klein states: “Fundamental social change happened when people come together to organize, advocate, and create solutions to injustice…[with the recognition] that communities working for social justice need tools to create and sustain healthy organizations” – Kim Klein, Fundraising for Social Change. Follow her on twitter at @BldingMovement

d. Photos submitted with article must have credits listed (either from author or from where they got image, example:

i. Image taken by author.

ii. Image provided by subject of post.

iii. Image provided by [agency].

iv. Image provided by [photographer]


We will pay a stipend of $40 per post that we publish (applicable to those not currently a member of Action Alliance staff). You may submit as often as you wish. We may hold some submissions to publish in a future month. We pay upon publishing the post. Please include your legal name for payment and your mailing address at time of submission.