Building Power and Community: Black Women’s Town Hall

Black women have two huge strikes against them, living in a predominantly White society and being a woman in a patriarchal system of oppression. Due to these two huge strikes, Black women have their own set of injustices that they and their families deal with daily. An ignorant assumption that Black women are always angry or always leeching leads to society’s scorn. However, Black women deserve to be heard and the assumption of being angry is a false equivalence, a misunderstood passion.

There are few opportunities for Black women’s voices to be heard in a way that is not misinterpreted or misunderstood by society. The Black woman’s voice has been silenced and rarely in the forefront for many discussions on laws and other social & economic issues happening in the community that has a more detrimental effect on them than others society. This town hall will provide safety for all the multidimensional voices & experiences of black women across the state. The hope is that this space will spark more opportunities for conversations and outlets for Black women to no longer be silenced and not be afraid to speak life to their experiences.

What is a Town Hall?

A town hall is a way for people in the community to address concerns and come up with solutions to challenges they are facing, often with a politician present.

Why Specifically a Town Hall for Black Women?

A Black Women’s Town Hall is about building political power of Black women in our communities. It is an opportunity for them to name their own experiences as well as brainstorm solutions to common challenges.1

This is an opportunity for Black women to organize and set a strategic agenda, or list of demands, that reflect the needs, resources, and bold visions for the community.

 The Action Alliance – along with Black Women’s BlueprintTrans Sistas of Color ProjectBlack Youth Project 100, and allied state anti-violence coalitions, has signed on to organize and support the March for Black Women (#M4BW) happening September 30th in Washington D.C.

As we prepare for this event, we are inviting Black women in all their diversity from allied organizations and advocacy groups to attend an in-person and online Black Women’s Town Hall to build power and community.

Children are welcome! Food and childcare will be provided during this event.

M4BW EventBrite invitationBlack Women’s Town Hall event details

Black Women’s Town Hall

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Action Alliance office, Richmond

No fee for this event. Register here.

Want to attend this Town Hall but don’t live in Richmond? Join the event live online by registering here.


This blog post was submitted by the Black Women’s Town Hall Organizing Team of the Action Alliance.

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