Meet Nina Aristy

Why do you do this Anti-Violence work?
There are endless reasons why I choose to do this form of work, and honestly the list gets progressively longer as I continue to do this work. I guess if we get to the core of it all I find comfort in the idea that nobody is alone and everyone is heard, therefore by doing this work I am working into that thought.

What would you like to learn your first year on your new job? 
That is a tough one. I think I have hit the backspace button too many times trying to get the wording right, because in all honesty I want to learn everything. I want to learn from the ground up on assisting individuals on a personal level (like all the folks in the hotline do so gracefully and empathetically). I would like to learn how we use that hotline data and then compound that into policy that will ultimately create safer spaces for victims. I want to learn how we communicate that to public in a matter that makes them impassioned and part of the movement. Basically I want to learn how to help. How I can make that chain of events that creates change, happen. I know it is a lot and most likely will not fit into my first year at this job, but I at least want those building blocks.

oscar-waoWhat is the latest book you have read and would you recommend it?
The latest book I have read is The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and I would absolutely recommend this book. I am a very proud Dominican, and I think if you want to get to know more about Dominican culture and history this is a nice introduction. Also, it is a very quick read, so if you are up for some laughs and a few tears and a genuine tale of a Dominican life both for natives and immigrants- this pretty much has that.

If you were a vegetable what would you be? Why?
I would probably be garlic. During the Winter I have to be far and away from the cold because I am easily frozen. I blossom in the Spring and always seem to show up in a group (I come from a big family so being alone is never an option). I am involved in a lot of things, just like garlic is involved in almost every meal.  I am not the biggest vegetable, but I do pack a punch in flavor (so I am notably unforgettable).

What are the 3 things you love about Virginia?

  1. The lifetime full of memories I have made here with the people that became my family.
  2. The food. Honestly, I have gained about 10 pounds since I got here and I do not regret a single bite that has lead me to gaining it.
  3. The advisers and mentors I have had that have supported and guided me.


If you had one box for all your stuff, what would you put in it?
I would put my boyfriend, my whole family (especially my beautiful nephew), all my friends, and my doggies

What is the most incredible view you have ever seen?
I guess this is sort of cheating, but at the same time it does answer the question. The most incredible view I have ever seen is always changing because it is moment, not particularly a fixed place or person. These moments happen very rarely and spontaneously, for me it has happened only a handful of times. It is this moment where you feel like everything is just right. You are with the right people and the right mindset and everything just comes into focus. For me this has happened while singing in cartoon voices with my partner during a 6 hour drive at midnight. It has happened while surrounded by my friends in my college living room just telling past stories of our lives. Those moments where I do not need a picture or a journal entry to remind me of what I felt, who was there, or what was said in order for me to picture that exact moment in its entirety. Those for me are the most incredible views I have ever seen.

Lastly, what excites you most about your new job at the Action Alliance? 
I am excited to get to know everyone and help in different tasks and projects. I am just very excited to get to learn from everyone here.

Nina recently graduated from the University of Richmond with a BA in Political Science. She minored in Women’s Studies and Latin American studies. Currently, she is studying for her LSATs and aspires to do legal assistance and advocacy for sexual and domestic violence victims. 


Joining the Action Alliance adds your voice to making change in Virginia. Start your membership today or call 804.377.0335. 

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