Meet Trisha Smith

Why do you do this Anti-Violence work?
My involvement with anti-violence work falls under special interests I have related to trauma, grief, psychological adjustment, and brain injury as a result of physical violence. I am particularly interested in the process that transforms individuals into reaching their optimal potential and high levels of well-being.

What would you like to learn your first year on your new job? 
I would love to expand my knowledge on the diverse set of issues faced by survivors of violence as well as to further develop my lens of empathetic understanding and ways of expressing it through counseling techniques.

What is the latest book you’ve read and would you recommend it?
I have only just started reading; The Brain That Changes Itself. It is a very interesting read so far, and it is brain-related so of course I would recommend it!

images (4).jpgIf you were a vegetable what would you be? Why?
I would be a tomato, because there is an idea of ambiguity often tied to it: is it a fruit or a vegetable? Toe-may-toe or ta-ma-toe? It connects to my liking of abstract ideas and belief that no absolute truth exists.

What are the 3 things you love about Virginia?

  • Northern Virginia area,
  • scenery in the Shenandoah Valley (e.g. Skyline Drive), and
  • Richmond.

If you had one box for all your stuff, what would you put in it?
Pictures of my girlfriend (Chelsea) and dog (Bentley), headphones, and my laptop.

What is the most incredible view you’ve ever seen?
Beaches of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Lastly, what excites you most about your new job at the Action Alliance? 
Working as a part of the hotline team, I am looking forward to “holding space” for callers and equipping them with resources and tools. I am also looking forward to ways in which I might be of value in expanding hotline services in the future. In terms of the Action Alliance as a whole, I am excited to explore the different caucuses that exist as well as engage in discussions with coworkers related to intersectionality, oppression, and anti-violence.

Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline – 1 (800) 838-8238 | 24/7
Confidential chat  … Text (804) 793-9999
LGBTQ+ Partner Abuse & Sexual Assault Helpline – 1 (866) 356-6998

Trisha is a crisis hotline specialist with the Action Alliance. Trisha uses the pronouns she/her/they. She is currently a second-year student in the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Master’s program at VCU and hopes to someday become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Trisha is completing an internship with the Department of Counseling at Safe Harbor, in addition to an with the Brain Injury Association of Virginia. 


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